A member of the Berlin electronica scene, Monolink quickly broke away from the classic DJ set and instead created his own style with a combination of live vocals and instruments. SF Weekly describes him as a purveyor of "trippy relaxation with a slightly gravelly, Teutonic voice". Monolink collaborated with other electronic acts, including Acid Pauli.

Monolink released his debut album, Amniotic, in 2018. The recording combines the tradition of singer-songwriting with electronic dance music, where techno, electronica and ambient genres blend with influences of Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan. Two singles from the release, "Sirens" and "Swallow" appeared at No. 1 spot in the iTunes Electronic (Germany). A review in EDM Identity describes the songs from the album as consisting of "hypnotic beats and vocals" and as "a blend of both deep and happy melodic sounds".

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