Mita Gami

Mita Gami creates electronic music not just for the sake of being heard, but to be felt, experienced. His understanding for clear themes, composition and build ups takes the listener on a journey, while his innovative pairing with elements from entirely different backgrounds breaks with expectations and thereby create his own musical worlds.

The live performances of the multi-instrumentalist become rituals, and these rituals translate back into his productions, making them even more enchanting. His desire for music to be more than just sonic entertainment, but rather a psychedelic agent that expands the listeners mind, is evident.

Growing up and becoming a vital part of the electronic music scene in Tel Aviv, not just by producing and performing from a very young age onwards, but also jointly running a label (Blue Shadow Records) and a music experience (‚Sunrise Kingdom‘ camp within ‚Midburn‘ Festival), it is apparent that Mita Gami’s greatest love is music. And the releases on renowned labels like Solomun’s Diynamic or Damien Lazarus’ Rebellion prove that others are equally convinced by his passion for it.

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