DJ Harvey

Rolling Stone Magazine stated 'If Keith Richards were a DJ, he would be DJ Harvey', as they named him one of the 25 DJ's that rule the world. DJ Harvey is absolutely his own man, a near mythical character, with a loyal global fan base who fuel the stories. Harvey's musical style cannot simply be filed as eclectic, he plays whatever he feels, as he feels it, but always for the crowd claiming “I’m an entertainer first and foremost’. Best put by Harvey himself "You can't understand the blues until you've had your heart broken and you can't understand my music till you've had group sex on ecstasy".

Harvey is respected and in demand the world over to supply the sounds for a vast array of Clubs, Warehouse Party one off’s, Festivals, Fashion Shows, TV shows, and Private Events, everything from the main room of Berghain to an intimate gay bar in LA. A quick google search of his name will unearth reading material for days spanning his 30 year career in music including publications such as GQ, Mixmag, DJ Mag, The Face, ID, Silver JP, Flaunt Magazine, Kaleidoscope, as well as global music and style online and blogs. He rarely records mixes, has played one Boiler Room stream, preferring the in person experience live on the night. 

Harvey ‘consistently over delivers as a DJ’ ‘he’s unpredictable in the best way’ or ‘when you want Harvey there is no equivalent replacement’ are frequent promoter comments as he tried to keep up with demand. It’s this uniqueness that has lead him to be cast as himself in movie projects including Mission Impossible the most successful movie franchise in the world as well as in an upcoming project Greatest Hits Harvey also consulted on.

Harvey records under various monikers including 'Wildest Dreams, Locussolus & Black Cock, with other nameless projects out in the world we might never get to hear he’s behind just to keep things exciting.
His General Store fashion label releases one off items to coincide with his shows and has collaborated with Wacko Maria, Neighborhood, with further collaborations including Howlin’ knitwear planned in 2023.

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