Annicka, a rising star in the vibrant house music scene, splits her time between New York and Los Angeles. Her journey to the top has been swift yet steady, fueled by a lifelong dedication to mastering the Cello, which has uniquely shaped her musical identity. Specializing in the minimal melodic house subgenre, Annicka's sound knows no bounds as she fearlessly pushes artistic boundaries.

Despite her brief time in live performances, Annicka has already shared stages with industry titans like ǍME, Shiba San, Damien Lazarus, Guy Gerber and CAMELPHAT, captivating audiences worldwide. From the enchanting shores of Vagalume in Tulum to the fiery energy of Burning Man in Black Rock City, she has graced stages in Ibiza, New York City, and beyond, spreading her infectious passion for her music.

Annicka's passion for creating immersive musical experiences is palpable in her euphoric grooves, rhythmic beats, and entrancing melodies. With a DJing journey that began at the tender age of 10, she possesses an innate talent and a deep-seated love for the art form. Through her music, Annicka effortlessly connects people, leaving an indelible mark on the global electronic music scene.

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