Ahmed Spins

Ahmed Spins is an up-and-coming DJ and producer in the electronic music scene. Born
and raised in Casablanca, Ahmed got his start in music at a young age, playing piano, guitar and
drums before discovering electronic music in his teenage years.

Ahmed began experimenting with music production software while studying in Boston, and quickly found a passion for creating his own tracks. Drawing inspiration from artists like Flume, Rampa, and Diplo, he began producing his own unique blend of Afro House and Deep House music.

After a few years of honing his skills, Ahmed began uploading his tracks to SoundCloud, where they quickly gained traction and caught the attention of other DJs and producers in the scene. He was soon approached by several record labels, and in 2022, he signed his first major EP with Moblack Records.

Following his breakthrough year in 2022, Ahmed Spins career has skyrocketed to new heights.
His latest EP release on MoBlack Records, Anchor Point, has been played all over the world,
amassing over 10 million streams on Spotify whilst receiving support from some of the biggest
names in the industry: Adam Port, AMEME, Blondish, Diplo, Tiesto, HUGEL, etc…. He has also
enjoyed playing alongside some of the hottest names in the scene right now: Carlita,
Keinemusik, Kaz James, Laolu and many more.

Ahmed's success in the industry can be attributed in part to his tireless work ethic and
dedication to his craft. He spends hours in the studio every day, experimenting with new sounds
and techniques to push the boundaries of his music. He also places a strong emphasis on
connecting with his fans, regularly interacting with them on social media and at his shows.
Despite his rapid rise to fame, Ahmed remains humble and focused on his music. He is
constantly pushing himself to improve as a producer and performer, and has big plans for the
future. With his talent and dedication, it's clear that Ahmed Spins is a rising star in the world of
electronic music.

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